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     nvestment management is the third largest business sector of the group, involved in financial services, hotels, aviation, tourism and other fields。 

    ·2000, Investment in Beijing Youth Venture Capital Co., Ltd
        Build a better development platform for college students and all kinds of entrepreneurial talents, advocating the concept and spirit of “expanding employment to by encouraging business start-up, expanding development by employment”

     ·2001, Investment in Comfort Inn & Suites Beijing
        Jointly funded a Sino-foreign joint venture hotel with Canadian Crestwood Hotels International Inc – Comfort Inn & Suites Beijing, which is established by the world’s second-ranked US CHOICE Hotel Group and is its first business hotel chain in China。

     ·From 2006, involved in the financial sector and participate in credit guarantees
        2006, Investment in Guangcai 49 Holding Co., Ltd
        2009, Investment in Shanghai V-Gateway Equity Center

    ·1995-2006, Investment in Beijing Xihua Club
        以““Health saving is more important than money saving”as business philosophy, launches national fitness activities。

     ·1999-2008, Established Xihua International Travel Agency
        Xihua International Travel Agency is approved by the National Tourism Administration, was the first private central class of agency, committed to the development of Chinese tourism。

     ·1999-2007, Established Beijing Xihua General Aviation LLC
        Made the first step of a powerful combination of State-own enterprises and private enterprises, worked together to develop the domestic and international general aviation market。