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    January, 5th January 2011, Beijing Guangcai Education Foundation was rated as 4A unit after investigation, review and final evaluation by Beijing social organizations Evaluation committee which organized by Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau。 
    22nd January, Beijing 21st Century Experiential Kindergarten ushered in 15 years old birthday, teachers and staff have brought elaborate performances, and people of 21st Century got together and used their own way to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of this special moment。 

    2011年 2011年

    17th March, after Beijing 21st Century experimental Kindergarten became the Beijing A-level class of private kindergarten in 2002, once again was named Beijing Municipal Model Kindergarten。 
    6th April, some subjects alternative examination of Beijing 21st Century Experimental School’s Chinese and American high school curriculum cooperation project endorsed and approved by the Haidian District Education Commission。 
    10th April, Beijing Municipal Education Commission endorsed and approved Beijing 21st Century Experimental School launched the internationalization features of basic education development pilot。 
    14th April, supporting by Beijing Guangcai Education Foundation and Shijingshan Charity Association, Beijing 21st Century Experimental School launched a public welfare activity named “Connect hearts and hands, and happily grown up”, and donated teaching equipments and financing education to two schools for the children of migrant works: Hua Ao School in Shijingshan district and Huang Zhuang School。 
    27th April, Mr. David Jackson, the board chairman and principal of United States Fairmont School; Mr. Rob Chandler, the Chief Executive Officer of Fairmont School; Mr. John Barrier, the international education Director and the Principal of international campus of Fairmont School and other staff arrived at Beijing 21st Century Experimental School, the chairman of 21st Century Experimental School, Zhang Jieting, deeply discussed with the guests about the international cooperation between two schools, and held a media conference to answer the questions about the communication and development between two schools。

    2011年 2011年

    6th May, United Stated Fairmont School, Beijing 21st Century Experimental School and Yinchuan No. 2 Middle School signed the formal agreement of cooperation。

    11th June, the first junior high graduates of Beijing 21st Century International School reunited their alma mater; they have grown into pillars of society, to fight in top-end industries in every corner of the globe, practice school motto “Be a heroic Chinese” in their own actions。


    2011年 2011年


    16th June, with support and assistance from the Haidian District Government, Beijing 21st Century International School unveiling ceremony was held, which opening a new chapter in international education。