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  4. 关于锡华发展之路
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    Siwa International Education

       Siwa International Education

        Siwa has been committed to build a first-class internationalized Chinese private education brand, focusing on international exchanges and to explore a variety of channels of international education.

        Siwa international education has a unique advantage in bilingual teaching; The American English Institute set it’s headquarter inside Beijing Twenty-first Century International School campus, which selects American teachers with international qualifications for us, as well introduce foreign teaching materials. By working in a friendly cooperation, both foreign and local teachers get the best integration and complementarities in the differences of concepts, cultural background and education method. Currently school has established friendly cooperative relations with Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries, and the study tours abroad during every summer and winter vacations to know the world, experience the multicultural, enhance the ability of international communication and expand the Chinese education influence. Siwa education has been formed to a completely one-stop international education from primary education, basic education and higher education and delivers a batch after batch of talents.