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  4. 关于锡华发展之路
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       SIWA education has been focused on creating a unique international brand of Chinese private education.  

        After twenty years of continuous development, the company currently has established a friendly relationship with many prestigious sino-foreign Universities such as Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing National Day School, Fairmont Private schools(USA), University of Leeds(UK), University of Wales Swansea(UK), EG @ Engineers Education Group(France), Sangmyung University(Korea), Seoul College of Risk investment information(Korea), NCC Education(UK) and Kyungwoon Univesity(Korea). Currently SIWA has grown into a comprehensive educational group of The Beijing 21st century experimental kindergarten, Beijing 21st Century International School and The Century College of Beijing university of posts and telecommunications. It has formed with international education system of pre-school education, basic education and higher education, Conveying talents for the society. 

        The Beijing 21st Century Experimental Kindergarten is the entity of pre-school education and it was rated as “The first city-level private demonstration kindergarten”, “The ministry of education pilot kindergarten” and “The national-level Key Research Projects experimental kindergarten”. The Beijing 21st Century Experimental Kindergarten stuck to the educational philosophy of “Internationalized, systematization and scientization” and it has become the pioneer of private early childhood education in China.