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    Join us at Siwa group

    1.Employ policy

        We don’t stick to one pattern in talent source: focus on recruiting from graduates of colleges and universities, and also welcome people with professional skills and management experience in the community. Eclectic in qualifications: focus on practical skills and development potential of the group。

    2.Incentive Policy

         The group promotes spiritual encouragement and materials rewards, emphasizing the unity of the mental health and abundance material life. We believe that the most important incentive for employees is to provide more development opportunities and greater space of development. We importance to the development potential of each employee, and provide development opportunities for employees according to the needs of the group and the career goals of the employees。
    Innovation is not only the vitality source of the business, but also the most valuable quality of talents. We need to give full affirmation and encouragement to those employees who actively explore and boldly innovate in business and management。

    3. Selection and Allocation Policy

         Select managers according to the needs of the job, will not create position for any particular individual. The starting point of selecting employee is the abilities and potential, qualification and capability of the staff. We encourage our employees to flow to the position that the employees can give full play to their abilities within the group, in order to meet the individual development requirements of the employees。 

    4.Training and Development Police

         We invested in training, not only to improve the skills of our employees, to meet the requirements of the continue developing group, but also to enhance the value of the employees, so that they can own professional skills and employer brand, and to become more competitive in the society. We will assist employees to develop their career space, and coaching for their career planning。
        We will create more and more comprehensive training opportunities for each employee, devote to providing a wealth of training resources and superior training environment, assist employees to achieve the motivation of sustainable development, and use this as an important incentive for employees. For managers who are prepared to give heavy responsibilities, help them to become more comprehensive management talents through targeted training and job transfers, enable them access to different levels and areas of work experience, and accepting systematically management training。
        Every manager in different units of the group must be a “coach”, and assume responsibility for training subordinates through effective questioning, communication, mentoring and collaboration to help employee improving their skills and work performance. To train their subordinates to take on more responsibilities is an important prerequisite for managers to get a promotion。

        We support our employees to make full use of various learning channels, participating in various training courses of the community under the premise of not affecting their own work, in order to improve their professional skills and enrich their spare time. Professional training and technical learning that needed for running the business and approved by the company, the company will reimburse part or all of the tuition according to the rules after the training or learning, as an encouragement。